It would seem Hillary Clinton’s ‘Blame Everybody but Myself Tour’ is even starting to wear on Democrats, who are urging her to ride quietly off into the sunset.

According to a new report, top Democrats are urging Clinton to step aside and let a fresh face lead their already fractured party.

The Hill interviewed over a dozen Democrats – Clinton supporters, Obama aides, etc. – and they “unanimously said Clinton needs to rethink her public blaming tour.”

She has been touring the country of late, throwing nearly everyone within reach under the bus for her election night loss to President Trump. The list of victims includes the DNC, Russia, misogyny, James Comey, sexism, bad cell phone service, Wikileaks, the media, “deplorables,” and “crazy third-party people.”

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Via the Hill:

Democrats say they’d like Hillary Clinton to take a cue from former President Obama and step out of the spotlight.

They say her string of remarks explaining her stunning loss in November coupled with the public remarks blaming the Democratic National Committee for the defeat — which many took as also critical of Obama — are hurting the party and making the 2016 candidate look bitter.

The Hill interviewed more a dozen Democrats about Clinton’s remarks, including many staunch Clinton supporters and former aides.

They said they understood the need for Clinton to explain what happened in the election, and many also empathized with Clinton’s anger over former FBI Director James Comey’s handling of a probe into her private email server.

One former aide asked, “Good God, what is she doing?” A question the rest of America has been asking about Clinton for years.

Another aide accused her of being “angry,” which had it been said by a Republican, would have immediately been denounced as sexist.

“It’s not helpful to Democrats,” they said. “It’s not helpful to the country, and I don’t think it’s helpful to her.”

If you think she’ll really heed their advice, one would have to assume Clinton could accept reality. And the odds of that?

Doug Schoen, a top Clinton confidante, recently declared that she is definitely running in 2020.


One former campaign worker for Al Gore explained that when he lost a bitter election, “he went to Europe, gained weight and grew a beard.”

“He walked away,” he said. “And there’s something to that.”

Do you think Hillary would ever walk away? Share your thoughts below!

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