Thank you, Captain Obvious.

Mark Penn, a one-time pollster for President Bill Clinton in the ’90s and chief strategist for Hillary Clinton’s failed 2008 presidential campaign, has revealed in a new book that the couple has “at least a one-way open marriage.”

“It’s not hard to conclude that Bill and Hillary Clinton didn’t have at least a one-way open marriage,” Penn writes bus simulator vollversion kostenlosen. “Perhaps it was not by choice, but the stories accumulated over the years until the fact of it became apparent.”

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Yea, we kind of got the gist of that judging by Slick Willie’s numerous sexcapades during his career whatsapp herunterladen wie.


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Penn even compares the Clintons to a famous fictional political couple – Frank and Claire Underwood from the Netflix show House of Cards – who have several different partners herunterladen.

He compared the relationship to those who also have open marriages in the moral cesspool known as Hollywood.

“Hollywood usually does as Hollywood writes,” he said herunterladen. “For example, Frank and Claire Underwood in House of Cards have numerous partners, including one who sleeps at the White House, as they pretend to ignore it.”

Perhaps that’s the perfect analogy – the Clintons marriage has long been a sham and a work of fiction youtube musik sicheren. It serves more as a political coupling rather than one based on the traditions of marriage.

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The open marriage wasn’t the only revelation coming from Penn’s book, titled “Microtrends Squared: The New Small Forces Driving Today’s Big Disruptions.”


Penn slammed Hillary’s 2016 presidential campaign saying “elite” and “highly educated” voters often asked him why Hillary Clinton was so unlikable, but still managed to find her husband charming herunterladen.

He hinted that their acceptance of Bill’s behavior towards women is what allowed Trump to escape when audio surfaced of him engaged in ‘locker room talk.’

“Many elites continued to hold former president Bill Clinton in high regard – despite a checkered history with women – while assuming a crude audiotape would be the end of Donald Trump,” he wrote samsung apps herunterladen geht nicht.

Penn also mocks liberals for believing the narrative that Russia somehow kept Hillary from winning in 2016.

“Today you can sit down with an impressionable elite – a Harvard-educated lawyer, for example – and they know with absolute certainty that somehow Trump was laundering money with the Russians in exchange for help in the election,” he scoffed audible herunterladen. “They have no evidence for these claims and yet they ‘know’ it just as strongly as elites once believed the earth was flat.”

He added, “How, when $2.4 billion was spent on the election campaign, would $100,000 worth of Facebook ads make a difference?”

Yet, Penn claims, a good portion of her followers actually believe it did video von youtube herunterladen auf iphone.

In short, the Clintons entire political and personal career is one rolling lie after another – from their one-way open marriage to Hillary’s failed attempt to win the presidency.

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