Jen Psaki’s recent assertion that the President “doesn’t give himself enough credit” for his foreign policy, reminds us that every now and again the White House says or does something so ridiculous that even his good friends in the media have to let loose with a laugh.

With that, here are the top 9 times the press has laughed at the Obama administration…

9)  When MSNBC reporters uncontrollably mocked Pajama Boy.

8)  The time an AP reporter asked the White House about its Egypt policy, “How’s that working out?”

7)  Here a State Department spokesperson said “The President doesn’t give himself enough credit” for his foreign policy.

6)  One of many times the White House has had to clarify remarks by Vice President Joe Biden.

5)  The time the White House claimed Obama was “campaigning for growth and jobs” not re-election.

4)  The time Jay Carney suggested that reporters “ignore a series of polls” showing the President’s job approval slipping.

3)  When the President’s press secretary claimed immigration reform would reduce the federal deficit, expand economic growth, and raise wages.

2)  When the White House claimed Congress would actually read a 1,900+ page spending bill.

1)  The time Jay Carney claimed Obama’s assertion of executive privilege over Fast and Furious documents was “entirely about principle.”

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