Top 5 Friends of Hillary Who Avoided Paying Taxes

Suddenly, paying taxes is a big thing for Democrats. Well, now that Donald Trump’s 1995 tax return has been revealed by the New York Times, anyway.

Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton blasted the Republican on social media, saying, “Donald Trump might have gone decades without paying taxes—but he’s not afraid of telling other people to pay theirs.”

It’s important, however, to remember that the Democrat Party and Hillary supporters weren’t always the noble taxpayers they’re now claiming to be.

Here’s a list of top Democrats who have avoided paying taxes …

Tim Geithner

Geithner is infamous for his support and handling of the 2008 Wall Street bailouts and for supporting massive tax increases as the Bush Tax Cuts expired.

Geithner failed to pay more than $34,000 in federal taxes.

Charlie Rangel

In the spring of this campaign season, Clinton met in Harlem with Rangel (D-NY) whom she referred to as “my long-time friend, the person I give credit to for starting me on this journey.”

Rangel earned $75,000 in income from a three-bedroom villa that he owned, but he didn’t report any rental income to the IRS, and paid $0 in tax by doing so. At the time Rangel was cheating on his taxes, he also chaired the House Ways and Means Committee – the congressional body that writes the nation’s tax code.

Rangel was censured by his peers, the harshest form of punishment short of expulsion from Congress.

Claire McCaskell

Although not the closest of friends, McCaskill (D-MO) did support Hillary by endorsing her 2016 campaign three years early.

In 2011, McCaskell was forced to sell her private plane and pay back $287,273 for four years of back taxes.

Tom Daschle

Daschle, the former senator from South Dakota, endorsed Hillary Clinton for president, saying she “has dedicated her life to fighting for the right of every American family to find opportunity, success and security.”

He apparently has a different vision on how to create a path to opportunity and success – not paying taxes.

Daschle was chosen by President Obama to head Health and Human Services in 2008, but had his name withdrawn when it was discovered he had neglected to pay $128,203 in taxes three years prior.

John Kerry

Hillary’s successor and current Secretary of State John Kerry was caught docking his 76-foot yacht in Rhode Island instead of his home state of Massachussettes, thus avoiding the $500,000 or so in excise taxes he’d have to pay by doing so.


This is a short list of course. The Obama administration was plagued with more Clinton allies who were seemingly caught on a weekly basis avoiding taxes. In 2010, the Los Angeles Times compiled a list of 41 White House aides who had failed to pay nearly $1 million in back taxes. It’s safe to say many of those people were and still are Hillary supporters.

Here’s the kicker, however. Not only is Hillary supported by tax cheats galore, but her campaign itself has openly admitted to using the same tax avoidance methods that Trump used in 1995. Zerohedge reported that “Hillary Clinton – like many ‘wealthy’ individuals (took) advantage of a legal scheme to use historical losses to avoid paying current taxes” in her 2015 return.

The hypocrisy is astounding.

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