Today We Stand Up Against Serial Domestic Terrorists, Today We Stand Beside Champions of Free Speech

Two days ago, I had no idea who Brett Kimberlin was.  I wish I still didn’t.

But today, everyone who reads a conservative blog is likely to learn his name – for Kimberlin is a serial domestic terrorist.

His terrorism ranges from the literal …

Kimberlin is known as the Speedway Bomber, who was convicted in 1981 of a series of bombings that caused extensive property damage, and severely mutilated a man who happened upon one of his explosive devices, eventually leading to the man’s suicide.  Some law enforcement officials believed the bombings were actually an attempt to distract from the murder of an elderly woman in Indianapolis, a crime in which Kimberlin was a suspect.

To the legal …

Kimberlin has recently terrorized several bloggers through litigation, intimidation, and implied threats.

He attempted to frame Aaron Walker (a.k.a Aaron Worthing) of a crime,  and cost him and his wife their jobs.

He has harassed Patterico to the point that he has crafted a rough draft explaining what has happened and distributed it to various people in the event that “an unfortunate accident were to befall” him.

He has targeted Liberty Chick.

And more recently, Kimberlin has terrorized the popular blogger known as The Other McCain (Robert Stacy McCain).  Apparently, reporting on the Speedway Bomber’s past has once again resulted in unrelenting harassment by Kimberlin, this time forcing McCain to move his family out of state for their own safety.

But there is so much more to know about this domestic terrorist.  You can start with this video from Lee Stranahan:

Stranahan is also the mastermind behind “Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day”, the driving force behind this and many other reports you will read today.

As a blogger, it is my job to get the story out to our readers.  As a reader, it is up to you to make up your own mind about this man, using your own research techniques, and the links readily available above.

But, it is OUR responsibility to hold the mainstream media accountable for reporting this story.  It is OUR responsibility to report this man to the proper authorities.  It is OUR responsibility to hold the far-left organizations that actually fund this terrorist, accountable.  It is OUR responsibility to fight for our right to speech, and the free speech of others, even in the face of harassment and threats.

The obvious question I’ve received from several people is, “If you know this guy’s past and what he’s capable of, why would you write about him?”

The answer is simple.  Their are others out there right now that are hurting because of this man.  They are no longer in a position to counter punch this bully.  In the face of Kimberlin’s threats, we will stare him down together and defeat his criminal tactics.

About a year ago, I had something similar to the Kimberlin case come up.  I had been confused with another blogger on the internet who was much more vociferous in his opposition to radical Islam.

At one point, I came across a blog dedicated specifically to me.  When scanning through, I saw pictures of myself posted, accompanied by sarcastic comments about how I mock the prophet Mohammed.  I laughed it off.

Then I saw a map directing people to my house.  My concern grew.

Further down the page, I saw a picture of my wife and kids.  My heart dropped into my stomach.

With all of the people and organizations I contacted regarding the incident – ranging from the local police, to the state police, to the FBI, and even Google (host of the site) – I received nothing that could be deemed newsworthy, helpful, or reassuring.

When I contacted some bloggers that I knew, a plan was immediately developed.  Several had experienced similar situations so they offered reassuring words.  Some knew legal matters, and helped me find a way to properly report the incident.  And some knew of internet law, helping me get the blog removed and my peace of mind restored.

Some of those people are listed above, new victims of a case of cyber-bullying, harassment,and legal terrorism.

So that, my friends, is why we will always report the truth on this blog.  We will always voice our opinion no matter the situation.

I stand with Aaron Worthing.

I stand with Patterico.

I stand with Liberty Chick.

I stand with Robert Stacy McCain.

And I stand with others who may have fallen victim to the serial terrorist, Brett Kimberlin.

Will you?

Update:  Patterico’s story has been posted today – it is chilling.

Update 2:  In 1988, Kimberlin made news with accusations that he had sold marijuana to Vice President Dan Quayle in the ’70s.  U.S. Senator Carl Levin (D-Michigan) supported Brett Kimberlin and accused the Bureau of Prisons of trying to silence him by placing him in solitary confinement.  While the vocal support of a domestic terrorist by Levin looks bad in hindsight, I’d say the AP report itself is the real scandal here.  The report (seen below) ran in the Argus-Press on October 4th, 1992.  It makes no mention of Kimberlin as the Speedway Bomber, and in fact only lists him as “a convicted marijuana smuggler”.

It may be difficult to read, so please click on the link here….

Update 3:  The following is a list of links and posts regarding the Kimberlin story, starting with Stranahan’s announcement of today’s blogburst.  Thanks very much to All-American Blogger for compiling this list!

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