In case you missed it, the liberal newspaper of record – the New York Times – published an exhaustive investigative report on the Benghazi terrorist attack.  At the end of their efforts however, they came to a conclusion which has already been long discredited; that the attacks were prompted by an obscure YouTube video, and that al-Qaeda had little role in the attack that killed four Americans amazon seller central rechnung herunterladen.

Not that it was necessary, but actual witnesses to the attack are pointing out that the Times report is garbage.

Via Fox News:

… a New York Times report published over the weekend has angered sources who were on the ground that night mortal engines downloaden. Those sources, who continue to face threats of losing their jobs, sharply challenged the Times’ findings that there was no involvement from Al Qaeda or any other international terror group and that an anti-Islam film played a role in inciting the initial wave of attacks fedex invoice.

“It was a coordinated attack. It is completely false to say anything else. … It is completely a lie,” one witness to the attack told Fox News complete pdf to download.

Sean Smith, a foreign service officer, and former Navy SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty were also killed in the 2012 assault.

The controversial Times report has stirred a community that normally remains out of sight and wrestles with how to reveal the truth, without revealing classified information schriftarten herunterladen wie.

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Fox News has learned that the attack on the consulate started with fighters assembling to conduct an assault.

“Guys were coming into the compound, moving left, moving right…and using IMT (individual movement techniques) huawei cloud data. … That’s not a spontaneous attack,” one special operator said.

“One guy was shooting, one guy was running. There are guys watching the gates crazy kickers xxl download kostenlos downloaden. … The bosses on the ground were pointing, commanding and coordinating — that is a direct action planned attack.”

The community of operators in Libya that night and since includes the CIA, FBI, U.S to do listeen. military, U.S. State Department and contractors working for the United States in a number of capacities. According to multiple sources on the ground that night, all the intelligence personnel in Benghazi before the attack and there now understand Al Qaeda is a significant threat in Libya ältere mac os downloaden.

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Facts they say, are stubborn things.  That said – What difference, at this point, does it make?