Nancy Pelosi and D.C. Democrats have placed their own political wants over the interests of the American people from the moment coronavirus arrived in America google chrome free mac. impeachment coronavirus

January 15, 2020: The day the CDC reports the coronavirus arrived in America avatar the lord of the elements all staggered.

What were D.C. Democrats up to? After delaying sending over the articles of impeachment to the Senate for a month, Pelosi was all smiles, gleefully handing out pens while signing her sham articles of impeachment time to say goodbye herunterladen.

Is the mainstream media corrupt?

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Despite the Democrats’ singularly focusing on their attempt to remove President Trump from office on bogus allegations, the Trump administration was already working to keep Americans safe from the coronavirus herunterladen.

And later in January, while Democrats were entirely focused on impeachment, President Trump would issue travel restrictions with China, establish the Coronavirus Task Force, and declare coronavirus a public health emergency schriftart herunterladen windows 10.

As The Washington Post has noted, “Trump’s impeachment was the major story in January and early February… Despite the near certainty that Republicans would not vote to convict the president, Democrats and most of the major media were almost entirely focused on impeachment.”

The Washington Post

Yet to this day, Democrats are still playing politics with coronavirus. This morning, Pelosi expressed her desire to turn coronavirus into the next Watergate and she said that she has no regrets on the speed Congress acted after she delayed relief during the coronavirus.

Reminder: Nancy Pelosi delayed coronavirus aid for a week while trying to get the Democrat Party’s far left political interests like a federal takeover of electionsGreen New Deal policies, and identity politics based regulations included in the CARES Act.

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