Apparently Obamacare shills feel the only way to get their message through to the LGBT community is to show half-naked men in blatantly homo-erotic imagery.

Let’s not bore people with a tired ol’ intellectual discussion on the pros and cons of healthcare.  Let’s just show men in their underwear staring at other men’s ‘assets’ as they climb a ladder to hang Christmas ornaments…

And bam, the gay community will surely sign up for healthcare!

Via Sharky:

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Just when you thought Obama and his administration couldn’t get any more desperate in pushing Obamacare on Americans, Obama pulls through with his big feather boa and colorful Pride flag in hand.

In a video  produced by ” Full Frontal Freedom Productions” that promotes to the gay community, the producers of the video set the gay movement back 10 years with their tired, over-saturated, and  homo-erotic messaging of yesteryear.

The only thing missing from the video were the Village People and George Michael prancing around in their stage get-ups.

The gay community has made great strides in trying to assimilate into mainstream American, but videos like this, which depict half-naked men “gaying it up” with one another, set back their equality and acceptance efforts.

Watch the fabulous ad below…