This May Be The Most Biased ‘Poll’ On Gun Control You’ll Ever See

The headlines are certainly eye-popping coming out of a national poll of mayors and their views of gun control.

Here’s an example from the Daily News:

Almost 90% of mayors in survey want Congress to pass stricter gun laws

It’s a staggering number to be sure, but the results hold even more surprises.

Only 11% of those polled said they thought Congress was doing enough on gun control.

Another 93% said they do not support so-called “open-carry” measures, which make it legal for qualified citizens to openly carry a firearm in public, with only 7% saying they did.

And 93% also said that teachers and principals should not be armed to help stop school shootings.

Now, doesn’t that seem slightly suspicious?  93% of mayor’s don’t want citizens to defend themselves through open-carry, and the same percentage don’t want to protect soft targets such as gun-free school zones?

Not to worry – the Daily News and Politico who conducted the study, insist that these mayors come from states that have a wide range of political beliefs, leaders from red, blue and purple states.

Sounds convincing right?  Wrong.  While these mayors are from various states, their party affiliation is anything but red or purple – they’re almost exclusively stone cold blue.

Every mayor cited in the Daily News report comes from one party:

  • Memphis Mayor A.C. Wharton, Jr. – Democrat
  • Houston Mayor Annise Parker –  Democrat
  • Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman – Democrat
  • San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee – Democrat
  • Boston Mayor Marty Walsh – Democrat
  • Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett – Democrat
  • New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu – Democrat

Even the mayor used in an accompanying image, Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke, is a Democrat.

While the Daily News used a very skewed sample to make their point, Politico wasn’t any better:

  • Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner – Democrat
  • Kansas City Mayor Sly James – An Independent who in this profile was fond of Obama ’08 bumper stickers
  • Chula Vista Mayor Mary Salas – Democrat
  • Grand Rapids Mayor George Heartwell – An independent who is ‘socially progressive.’
  • Stamford Mayor David Martin – Democrat
  • Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones – Democrat
  • Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia – Democrat
  • Nashville Mayor Megan Barry – Democrat
  • Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell – Democrat
  • Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley – Democrat
  • Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra – Democrat
  • As well as the aforementioned Tom Barrett and Annise Parker.

One lone Republican was cited for his opposition to an anti-Second amendment gun grab from Congress or the President, Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett Jr. who said he “[honors] the Constitutional right of a U.S. citizen to bear arms.”

It wasn’t just the mayors they chose to quote with their study that were heavily biased – it was the study itself.

Via Politico:

The survey garnered responses from 45 mayors across the country, from Las Vegas to Tallahassee, Houston to San Francisco, Phoenix to Chattanooga, Grand Rapids to Portland, Maine. While not scientific (the large majority of respondents, 85 percent, were Democrats, joined by four independents and three Republicans), the survey represents an array of cities about as diverse as size, politics and geography can allow, including states of every hue—red, blue and purple.

38 of the mayors surveyed are bleeding-heart liberals, 4 are ‘independents’ (though as we outlined above, at least two of those are progressives), and three Republicans.


If this were a football game, it would be classified as a blowout.  Incidentally, percentage-wise this means that 93% of the mayors surveyed were non-Republicans – the exact percentage that oppose open-carry and armed teachers.

The media bias on this study is about as blatant as you’ll ever witness, yet anti-gun zealots will present this as proof that President Obama needs to take action to strip citizens of their Second Amendment rights.  The fix is in, people. Just be sure to recognize the lies when you see them.

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