By the time President Trump is through with his second year in office, there might not be anything left of his predecessor’s legacy to see herunterladen. What will he do for an encore the other two, or maybe even six years?

You’ve already heard of a very extensive list of Obama-era reversals under President Trump, including pulling America out of the Paris Climate Accord, reversing pro-illegal immigration executive orders, rescinding countless government regulations, repealing the Obamacare individual mandate, and of course, culminating with pulling out of the Iran nuclear agreement connectify kostenlos herunterladen.

The President is even slipping in other policy reversals to further diminish the Obama legacy. Liberals have been borderline apoplectic over the administration pulling back on protections for transgender prisoners implemented under Obama herunterladen.

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The problem, you see, is that the White House wants transgender people in prison to be housed using “biological sex as the initial determination,” not as Obama would have preferred, based on their made-up identity herunterladen.

In other words, the party of ‘science’ is mad that prisoner placement will now be based on actual biology.

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He seems to have misspelled ‘biology.’

This transgender prisoner policy comes on the heels of other Obama-era policies adobe flash player gratis herunterladen. Meaning the only real thing the former President has on his resume is the fight for transgender bathrooms … and Trump is even reversing THAT!

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Aside from the prisoner flap, the Education Department halted investigations into transgender bathroom complaints in schools …


Rolled back workplace discrimination of transgender individuals …


And has tried to limit transgender participation in the military …


With all of that in mind, we thought this cartoon was the most impressive visual display of what’s left of Barack Obama’s legacy filme auf usb sticken.


Squashed – like a bug herunterladen.

President Trump has destroyed Obama’s legacy by introducing common sense back into policy making. And America is better for it.

Do you appreciate Trump destroying Obama’s legacy herunterladen? Share your thoughts below!

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