Proof that the debate was rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton abounds – and most red flags point directly at NBC News moderator Lester Holt.

Holt was about as biased as could be, perhaps even exceeding what we saw in the famous Candy Crowley debate in 2012 herunterladen.

Trump could sense it as well, giving Holt the cold shoulder when he attempted to shake his hand after the debate hoe moet je netflixen op je laptop.

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Earlier we analyzed 10 questions that the NBC anchor probably should have asked Hillary, but didn’t herunterladen. It was a clear indicator that he was playing softball with the Democrat.

But the numbers get even worse when we look at how many direct questions each candidate was asked. The score was 15 to 2 word 2007 kostenlos herunterladen!

Via Breitbart:

A close analysis of the transcript of the first presidential debate on Monday night shows that moderator Lester Holt of NBC News asked 15 questions exclusively of Republican nominee Donald Trump, and only 2 questions exclusively of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton my town kostenlosen.

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The analysis, posted on social media and drawing intense attention on Reddit, walks through the entire 90-minute exchange and notes Holt asked six questions of both candidates, in addition to Trump’s 15 and Clinton’s two windows wiederherstellungs cd downloaden.

Holt, a newcomer to presidential debate moderation, faced intense pressure from the Clinton campaign and the mainstream media to be tough on Trump lightroom mac kostenlos. Some explicitly called for Holt to “fact-check” Trump — the implication being that Trump is more ignorant or dishonest — and implied that he would face the same fate as NBC’s Matt Lauer and Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon, both of whom were slammed by liberal media critics for the crime of treating both candidates fairly tagesschauen.

Here are some more fun analysis from the debate for you to chew on …


  • Clinton Positive Rhetoric: 10:17; Clinton Attacking Rhetoric: 17:17
  • Trump Positive Rhetoric: 10:54; Trump Attacking Rhetoric: 10:00
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  • Question LESTER HOLT: Mr meldung fehler beim herunterladen. Trump, we’re talking about the burden that American’s have to fay, yet you have not released your tax returns and the reason nominees have released their returns for decades is so voters will know if their potential president owes money to, who he owes it to and any business conflicts vlc player für mac kostenlos herunterladen. Don’t American’s have a right to know if there are any conflicts of interest?
  • Question LESTER HOLT: The IRS says an audit of your taxes — you’re perfectly free to release your taxes during an audit. so the question, does the public’s right to know outweigh your personal –
  • Question LESTER HOLT: Mr. Trump, for five years, you perpetuated a false claim of the nation’s first black President was not a natural born citizen. You questioned his legitimacy. In the last couple of weeks you acknowledge what most Americans have accepted for years, the president was born in the United States. Can you tell us what took you so long?
  • Question LESTER HOLT: Mr. Trump, this year Secretary Clinton became the first woman nominated for president by a major party. Earlier this month you said she doesn’t have, ‘a presidential look.’ She’s standing here right now. What did you mean by that?

Clinton Hit Questions (Zero):

  • N/A

“Not available” – If that doesn’t sum up today’s media, we don’t know what does.