Houston-area Judge Lina Hidalgo set up a link at which residents can report on people or businesses they believe are in violation of current stay-at-home orders programm zum herunterladen von filmen. texas stay at home

“See a restaurant at full capacity? Businesses open that shouldn’t be?” she tweeted herunterladen. “Help us save lives.”

She urged constituents to report on anyone in violation of Governor Greg Abbott’s order by following a link that allows them to anonymously rat out fellow Texans games faster.

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Should states remain open during the pandemic?



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As you might imagine, a ‘snitch line’ isn’t exactly popular in Texas or any of the other United States, and Hidalgo was quickly ratioed and mocked on Twitter, while the online form had to be relocated due to technical issues possibly resulting from an influx of fake reports herunterladen.

“Let the public ultimately decide what is safe and what restaurant is at full capacity. This gestapo approach to governance is frightening,” one person responded lustige geburtstagskarten kostenlos herunterladen.

Another suggested inundating the form with inappropriate images, similar to what happened with New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio quicksteuer 2020 herunterladen.

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Stay At Home Order texas stay at home

Hidalgo announced a stay-at-home order of her own on Saturday, stating any “Non-essential Harris County businesses and others that were not ‘reopened’ by the Governor’s order need to stay closed through May 20th.”

It is a major move for the third-largest county in the largest city in Texas adobe flash player mac for free.

Failed presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke naturally praised Hidalgo’s “leadership,” stating her actions have been “really exciting” to see muttizettelen.



In April, Hidalgo made failure to wear a mask in public a punishable offense, with anyone found in violation subject to a $1,000 fine.

The Houston Police Officer’s Union slammed her over the “idiotic” and “unconstitutional” order, agreeing that wearing a mask is a wise decision but not something that should be mandated by officials.

It would appear she doubled down on the ‘idiotic’ and ‘unconstitutional’ parts with this snitch form.

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