Texas Democrats Crop Out First Lady Melania Trump From Viral Photo

So petty. She’s only the current First Lady of the United States, a former model whose grace and class light up any photo in which she appears.

But Democrats in Texas suffering from an acute case of Trump Derangement Syndrome decided they simply couldn’t have Melania Trump in a photo of other former Presidents and First Ladies.

The photo in question was taken at the private funeral for Barbara Bush and featured former Presidents George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama. It also had former First Ladies Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, as well as the current woman occupying that role, Melania Trump.

It is the image in the upper left of the following tweet …

1 of 2: Final photos from the funeral of former First Lady Barbara P. Bush. (Credit: @PaulMorsePhoto – Office of George H. W. Bush) pic.twitter.com/r9ElE3Av56

— Jim McGrath (@jgm41) April 22, 2018


Photographer Paul Morse explained what made the photo special.

“They are real people … I think it really says a lot about the kinship that this very select group of people has for each other,” he said. “They’ve all served. It’s not so much about the politics at that time. It’s about honoring a very select member of that club.”

That kinship and a viral photo praised by people on both sides of the aisle apparently wasn’t good enough for Democrats in Lubbock County.

They posted the photo, but somehow managed to only crop out Mrs. Trump from the group.


Simply amazing.

Vice Chair for the Lubbock County Democrats, Leo Flores, insists that the cropped photo was nothing more than an “honest mistake.”

Flores told KCBD that he grabbed the photo from his feed and must have – whoops! – grabbed the wrong one.

After being called out by the news station and several commenters on the page, the image was replaced and an apology issued.


“I apologize for the confusion,” the caption now reads. “There were two pictures posted side by side and I must have grabbed the wrong one.”

It went on, “Melania was not purposely excluded nor was this meant to be a controversial post. I meant to change it but became busy. Once again, I apologize.”

Do you buy that this was an “honest mistake?” Tell us your opinion below!

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