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Here’s what people are saying about the Mental Recession:

“Mental Recession exposes the truth about the corruption, scandal and insanity that is NY politics … I know it’s the truth because I know Rusty … he’s not creative enough to make this stuff up!”

–  Steve McLaughlin, New York State Assemblyman

“Who does this guy, Rusty Weiss, think he is?  Using actual FACTS to back up his archaic, deranged, simplistic, barbaric, and out-of-touch political ideology?  It works!!!  By far, my favorite lunatic Right-Wing blog!”

–   Al Roney, “Peddler of influences” and former mediocre radio talk-show host

“I check MenRec daily for NY area news, what’s buzzing in the movement and the latest political sex scandal.”

–  Bill Murphy, Director, Online Outreach at the National Republican Senatorial Committee

“Rusty Weiss is one of the best conservative bloggers in the state of New York.  He’s also one of the only conservative bloggers in the state of New York.  Plus it’s New York, so there isn’t much competition.  I don’t know.  Read Mental Recession anyway.”

–  John Brodigan, New York Political Strategist

“I’ve enjoyed your local coverage.  You pick up great local stories that most other major outlets miss.  Keep it up!!”

–  Bethany Mandel, Writer at Commentary Magazine

“Rusty Weiss always peels back the onion to get at the truth.”

– Doug Ross in awarding The Mental Recession as Best Grassroots Blog of 2015

“Honestly, if he didn’t feed me Beggin’ Strips, I’d drool all over this Tea Bagger’s pillow at night.”

–  Winston, St. Bernard and Official Canine of the Mental Recession

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