Hadi al Amiri, a militia leader identified as one of the organizers of this week’s attack on the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, met with President Barack Obama in the White House in 2011 download images with link.

Al Amiri joined a delegation consisting of several top advisers including Iraqi PM Nouri al-Maliki for the meeting with the former President inside the oval office dm foto app herunterladen.

He was known to have links to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps – a designated terror organization – at the time anonym downloaden cyberghost 7.

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Earlier this week, according to the Daily Mail, al Amiri “was leading the charge against the US embassy in Baghdad when it was stormed and set alight by pro-Iran militants.”

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Obama’s Guest

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo shared an image of the militia leader on social media calling the attack on the embassy “orchestrated by terrorists” and “abetted by Iranian proxies.”

The mob, including al Amiri, stormed the embassy in Baghdad wearing militia uniforms and shouting “Death to America!”

Al Amiri, according to the Washington Post, “is considered Tehran’s man in Baghdad” though they diminished his pull by defining him as a ‘rabble-rouser’ for protesters downloaden van daily motion.

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“Amiri heads the Badr Organization, which is one of the largest pro-Iran militias in Iraq and is part of the PMF,” they reported.

The PMF (Popular Mobilization Forces) is “an umbrella organization uniting primarily Iran-backed Shiite paramilitary groups.”

What a timeline – from the Obama White House in 2011 to conducting terrorist attacks against American buildings and personnel less than 10 years later von der iclouden.


Obama Criticized at the Time us embassy attack

Mr www web de herunterladen. Obama was heavily criticized at the time over “grave concerns” associated with having somebody associated with the Revolutionary Guard in the White House filme auf samsung tablet downloaden.

Louis J. Freeh, who served as FBI director in the Clinton administration, said it was shocking that al-Amiri would be included in the visit, noting that Iran’s Revolutionary Guard had been involved in “countless acts of terrorism, which are acts of war against the United States.”

Former Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL), who served as Chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee at the time, said then it was “extremely disturbing that the White House would see fit to welcome Al-Amiri.”

“If anything, he should be subject to questioning by the FBI and other appropriate U.S sbb mobile app herunterladen. law enforcement and counterterrorism agencies,” she added.

Instead, Obama welcomed him as a guest. A guest who later helped to organize an attack on a U.S. embassy.

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