The 2016 presidential election was nothing short of historic – on one side you had an entrenched establishment Democrat with a penchant for lying and criminality, along with a litany of inexplicable health issues in Hillary Clinton, and on the other side you had an outsider billionaire businessman who cared little for the political status quo and rarely employed a filter on his thoughts in Donald Trump herunterladen.

With those two dynamic characters butting heads, there were plenty of spectacular moments to look back on regarding the dueling campaigns.

Here is a list of the top 10 most memorable moments from the 2016 presidential election – moments we may never forget …

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#10 – Trump Tells Hillary She Fears Him as President “Because You’d Be In Jail”


#9 – Hillary Looks Like Night of the Living Dead When Forced to Comment on NYC Bombings

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#8 – Vice-president Joe Biden Says He’d Like to Fight Trump, ‘Take Him Behind the Gym’

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#7 – Trump’s Special Language (NSFW)


#6 – All Those Liberal Media Talking Heads Predicting Trump Would Lose In a Landslide


#5 – Obama Uses Hillary Nominating Speech to Talk About Himself 119 Times


#4 – Obama Tries to Trash Trump, Turns Into a Stuttering Mess


#3 – Hillary Forgets About the Four Dead Americans In Benghazi, Claims ‘We Did Not Lose a Single American’ in Libya


#2 – Trey Gowdy Lays Out Exactly Why Hillary Should Have Been Indicted Over Handling of Her Private E-mails


#1 – Hillary’s Health Problems Revealed to All of America When She Collapses At 9/11 Ceremony


Comment: Did we miss any memorable moments from the 2016 presidential campaign kostenlose spiele windows 7 herunterladen? Tell us your thoughts below.