Ted Cruz Explains Why Obama Is So Weak And Pathetic When It Comes to Terrorism

After every single attack carried out by radical Islamic terrorists, President Obama, his administration, and Democrats in general turn around and lecture Americans on being critical of Islam.

Every. Single. Time.

Take, for instance, the shootings in San Bernardino that took the lives of 14 Americans and injured another 23. In the wake of that attack, Obama’s Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, declared that it was a perceived “rise of anti-Muslim rhetoric” that was her greatest fear, and not the terrorists themselves.

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz has had enough of this nonsense and blasted President Obama for “lectur(ing) Americans on Islamophobia.”

Cruz was defending his stance that Muslim communities need to be patrolled more vigorously “before they become radicalized,” an analysis he made after the attacks in Brussels.

Via Fox News Insider:

Cruz said that instead of “engaging the problem,” President Obama “lectures Americans on Islamophobia.”

“Enough is enough,” he said.

“We need to be going after where the threat comes from and the threat comes from radicalization.

They’ve allowed vast numbers of Islamic terrorists to come into Europe, they live in isolated locations, where law enforcement often doesn’t engage at all, and they’re hot beds for radicalization, it leads to these attacks.”

“One of the consequences of the political correctness of this administration is they embrace policies that make no sense,” Cruz added.

“This policy of weakness and appeasement doesn’t work, and I think the American people are tired of it. They’re tired of the moralizing and lecturing,” he said. “Do you notice [President] Obama and Hillary [Clinton] seem more mad at me, than they are at ISIS, than they are at the terrorists who are murdering us?”

Indeed, Obama slammed Cruz for his comments on patrolling Muslim neighborhoods.

And what was Obama’s outrageous response to the terrorist attacks in Belgium? He lectured Americans on the need to be more open in accepting Syrian refugees, a policy which may result in many more terrorists coming into the country.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson blasted the President, saying that’s an easy stance to take since he’ll never have to worry about the consequences.

“He’ll never face the consequences of this, and yet the rest of us will,” Carlson responded.

To criticize the President, or radical Islam itself, is to be Islamophobic in the eyes of Obama. That word, much like the race card used by Democrats in the last 8 years, has been overplayed.

Instead, the word ‘Islamophobia’ should revert to a more literal definition – Islam-phobia.

The ‘phobia’ involves those in the media continually capitulating to the radicals and terrorists killing in the name of their religion. The phobia involves Democrats who continually bow down to the unreasonable demands of terror-linked domestic organizations such as CAIR and are willing to release known terrorists in a foolish attempt to establish peace.

The left are politically correct cowards. That is why liberals refuse to stand up to radical Islam, and it is why the media refuses to accurately portray the level of violence being executed in the name of the tenets of radical Islam. They are afraid.

Ted Cruz is not.

Cross-posted at The Political Insider

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