Tax Cheat and Obama Confidante Al Sharpton Upset That Ivanka Trump Has White House Role

Al Sharpton, a frequent visitor and adviser to Barack Obama, is upset that the daughter of the President, Ivanka Trump, is being given a role in the White House.

Ivanka will have security clearance and an office in the West Wing, where she will offer advice to President Trump and “spend some time on initiatives that she cares about, particularly with regard to women in the workplace.”

Sharpton has taken issue with Ivanka’s role, citing ethical matters. Yes – THAT Al Sharpton, the man who rose to prominence in the public eye by completely fabricating a race crime, and who had over $4.5 million in tax liens filed against him and his businesses, is concerned about ethics.

Via the Washington Examiner:

Rev. Al Sharpton is not happy with what he perceives as the White House’s special treatment of President Trump’s daughter.

At an event Saturday morning, Sharpton echoed several ethics experts in complaining about Ivanka Trump’s new informal role at the White House, which reportedly will include a security clearance and an office in the West Wing.

“Giving a office on the West Wing of Ivanka Trump, somebody explain to me how you can give security clearance, access to classified material, and a office to somebody that don’t have a title or job?” Sharpton said. “They say now she ain’t got no title. She ain’t got no role. We ain’t payin’ her no money. But she can see everything classified.”

Sharpton went on to say that had Barack Obama given a role to one of his daughters, the Republicans would be up in arms.

“If President Barack Obama had given his daughters or his mother-in-law an office and some access to classified documents and cleared security status, they would have run him and everybody else out [of] the White House,” he said.

Perhaps that’s not the proper comparison, however. Sharpton may want to recall the fact that he himself had a role in advising Obama on race matters, with Politico even referring to him as a “race ambassador.” He even once bragged that he was helping Obama select Eric Holder’s replacement as Attorney General.

Why is a tax cheat who aided President Obama criticizing a pristine pillar to the community in Ivanka Trump for aiding her father?

People on social media are certainly curious:

Did Obama Forgive his 4.5 Mil Tax dept? Al Sharpton’s Tax Debt

— Trump Supporter, Patriot JMK ❌ (@JimKuther) March 25, 2017

So not happy with Al Sharpton still not paying his taxes and still walking around – and not in jail.

— TheScottishPrincess (@AmenforUS) March 25, 2017


Fox News analyst Dana Perino flatly stated about Sharpton and his tax issues, “I don’t care who he is” before ripping him for living a life of luxury off the backs of the American taxpayer.

The so-called ‘reverend’ has no right to criticize anyone when it comes to ethics, especially someone the likes of Ivanka Trump.

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