If you thought Judge Andrew Napolitano, fresh off a suspension from Fox News, was going to back down, you’d be wrong.

The Judge stunned the network originally when he claimed that Obama had used the GCHQ – a British spy agency with access to the NSA database – to conduct surveillance on Trump schreibschrift zumen.

But instead of apologizing, he’s standing by his original claim!

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The story led to Napolitano being suspended from Fox for nearly two weeks, while the GCHQ issued a statement calling his reporting “utterly ridiculous.”

Upon his return, Fox News host Bill Hemmer gave him the first question herunterladen.

“You put out a statement about 10 days ago,” Hemmer said. “You said you were confident in the story that you reported here in the past month herunterladen. Do you still stand by it?”

The Judge’s answer is amazing.

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Via The Hill:

Andrew Napolitano returned to the air on Fox News Wednesday, standing by his claim that British intelligence officials helped former President Barack Obama spy on Trump Tower navigation herunterladen für handy.

Napolitano, the news network’s senior judicial analyst, defended his March 14 report, saying his “sources stand by it.”

“The American public needs to know more about this rather than less because a lot of the government surveillance authorities will expire in the fall,” said Napolitano amazon musik datei herunterladen. “And there’ll be a great debate on how much authority we want the government to have to surveil us, and the more the American public knows the more informed their and Congress’s decisions will be.”

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Napolitano is citing three separate sources with his claim, which is a much higher standard than most of the media uses when reporting stories about Trump netflixen laptop offline.

If the story is even remotely as accurate as he insists, then this is a truly explosive story that raises lots of questions about who is in control of the government download children's ticket db.

“Sources have told me that the British foreign surveillance service, the Government Communications Headquarters, known as GCHQ, most likely provided Obama with transcripts of Trump’s calls,” Napolitano wrote in a column aus arte mediathek downloaden.


The question now is, if the story got him suspended from Fox in the first place, will his insistence that it’s true get him suspended again quicksteuer 2020 herunterladen? Or has Fox News now admitted he may be right about the whole thing and let Napolitano on the air to reveal the truth?

Only time will tell.

Do you believe Judge Andrew Napolitano when he says Obama used British intelligence to spy on President Trump? Share your thoughts below.

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