Expect the media to thoroughly investigate the Mormon religion and tie Presidential candidate Mitt Romney to its more controversial aspects in the coming months subway surfer zum downloaden.

David Gregory of Face the Nation started off yesterday with some brief questions videos von youtube herunterladen kostenlos.

In a rare appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney took on a personal issue that has resisted talking about in the past: his religion countdown for powerpoint.

Host David Gregory asked the GOP presidential hopeful what he thought a successful run this fall would mean to Mormons in America itunes herunterladen deutsch.

“I’m sure a number of members of my faith are proud of the fact that someone of my faith and our faith is able to run for president,” Romney said pinguindansen gratis. “My own reaction is, I’ve got so many challenges ahead of me, I don’t think so much about the impact this has on the church day to day, but more about what kind of impact I want to have on the electorate and what it takes to become elected president.”

Romney emphasized the importance of the ethical foundations his religion had taught him pc spiele online kaufen herunterladen.

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In 2008, the media failed to ask a similar question of Barack Obama.  A question along the lines of, “What do you think a successful run this fall would mean to your pastor Jeremiah Wright” windows symbole herunterladen?

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As a public service reminder (because that’s what we do), here is a little smattering of the President’s religion and pastor which was all but ignored as he ran for office herunterladen.

If the mainstream media wants to analyze religion, it should be done so for each of the candidates kindle bücher als pdf downloaden.  Wright was Obama’s spiritual mentor for over twenty years, so please, let’s discuss start talking about this.