Stunning Video: Man Beaten Outside Baltimore Courthouse, Onlookers Strip Him and Steal His Belongings

This is one of those videos that makes you wonder just what the hell is wrong with people these days.

Via The Blaze:

Video of a white man being stripped and beaten outside what appears to the Baltimore courthouse has sparked outrage on the Internet.
CBS Baltimore reports the man was a tourist in town for St. Patrick’s Day, on his way back to the hotel after a night out.  He was intercepted on the way by a group of “hoodlums,” punched in the jaw and sent flying to the concrete with a sickening thud.
Then, instead of helping him, onlookers laughed and stripped him naked– stealing his car keys, watch, phone, and anything else of value.

YouTube has pulled the original video, but here is the news report from CBS…

You should be proud, Baltimore.

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