*Updated* SUNY Albany Students Who Created Hate Crime Hoax Now Face Their Own Charges

It was a story that had Black Lives Matter advocates and the local media in a tizzy – Three young black women allegedly assaulted by 10-12 white men and women on a CDTA bus while being barraged with racial slurs.

Three weeks ago, we were among the first to report that the entire incident was a hoax, with investigators saying one of the three alleged victims actually threw the first punch while others viewed video of the incident several times only to discover there were no racial slurs to be found.

After allowing local ‘activists’ to exclusively view the video, District Attorney Davis Soares office has decided that the women who reported the alleged incident will be the ones facing charges.


NEWS10 ABC has learned that charges are forthcoming against the three UAlbany students who claimed they were the victims of a racial attack on a CDTA bus.

NEWS10 ABC was told the students will be served with tickets to appear in court. The exact charges are unknown, but it is a sign that law enforcement is moving forward in holding the women accountable for making claims that may not have been true.

Their claims of a racially motivated attack on an Albany city bus spurred a sense of outrage on the University at Albany campus. Social media was on fire, and Hillary Clinton even tweeted about it.

Here is Clinton’s tweet about the fabricated story:

There’s no excuse for racism and violence on a college campus. https://t.co/ADVghl4iEv -H

— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) February 4, 2016

At this time, the Democrat candidate has yet to tweet an update saying ‘There’s no excuse for making up racism and violence on a college campus.’

On January 30th, one of the victims, Asha Burwell tweeted about being “beaten because of the color of my skin.”


The incident sparked protests at the school.

Protesters, including members of the National Congress of Black Women and the Albany chapter of Black Lives Matter, showed signs of support for the women, demanding change in the form of hiring minority faculty and providing sensitivity training for University police.

Burwell and her fellow alleged ‘victims’ gave tearful speeches on campus.

SUNY Albany president Robert Jones, before having any of the facts straight and going solely on what he heard from Burwell and her companions, issued a statement saying he is “deeply concerned, saddened and angry about this incident.”

Jones clung to the story even up until Tuesday when he held “an open discussion” on race, diversity and inclusion on campus, admittedly calledon by the alleged beating in January.

When asked about evidence which seems to suggest the crime was fabricated, Jones said “I’m not here to speculate about ifs.”

Others on social media were perfectly content in ‘speculating about what ifs.’

Rapper Waka Flocka:


As well as a key figure in the Black Lives Matter movement and Baltimore mayoral candidate:


— deray (@deray) February 2, 2016

Burwell, who first tweeted about the incident, happens to be the sister of Tyreek Burwell, an offensive lineman for the San Diego Chargers.

Tyreek tweeted a message to one of the wrongfully accused assailants when the story first came out:

That threatening message was quickly deleted.

The damage however, had already been done. The student Tyreek threatened left school, concerned for his safety.

“He’s gone, he left school,” a fellow student said.

All because of a hoax.

Update: To their credit, the media appears to be following up on the story now that charges will be filed in this case. It’s too bad they felt the need to jump to conclusions in the first place, however.

Multiple sources indicate the perpetrators of this hoax will be charged specifically with third degree assault and falsely reporting an incident.

Via CNN:

Three State University of New York at Albany students who claimed to be hate crime victims are being accused of fabricating the racially motivated attack, according to campus police.

The charges against the women, which include assault and falsely reporting an incident, come weeks after the upstate New York university held a rally in support of the black students, who said they were attacked by a group of white men and women during a confrontation on a bus January 30.

We’d just like to remind readers that you heard that this story was a hoax based on evidence and observation of reactions right here – Three weeks ago.

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