Strangers Act of Kindness For Man Who Walked Miles to Work Each Day

What would you do if you saw a man who walked to work six miles each and every day to make ends meet at a local fast food restaurant?

Most of us would likely admire his determination, hard work, and dedication to his job. And rightfully so.

A group of strangers in Texas however, took things a step further. When the community found out Justin Korva had been walking so far to work at Taco Casa because he was trying to save up money for his own car, they decided to pool their resources together and buy him one.

Video of the moment he was presented with the vehicle shows Korva begin to cry, an amazing moment that hits you right in the gut …


Via the Daily Mail:

The emotional moment a group of Texas strangers presented a 20-year-old fast food worker who walked six miles for work every day with a car has been captured on camera.

Justin Korva began crying when he was given the vehicle days after telling Andy Mitchell of Rockwall he was walking so he could save for a car of his own.

Mitchell had rallied his community to raise money and after just 48 hours the efforts yielded enough cash to buy the car.

Mitchell explained that he was inspired to act simply by Korva’s work ethic and determination, two attributes becoming harder to find in the younger generation.

Even better, not only was there enough money gathered together for the new vehicle, but Korva was also given a year of insurance, two years of oil changes and a $500 gas card.

All for the simple act of being noticed for working hard to work hard. Amazing!

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