The Weiner may be rising, but airfares are going limp…

Spirit Airlines has launched a marketing campaign that pokes fun at the online troubles of New York City mayoral candidate, Anthony Weiner herunterladen.  The airline somehow makes a vague connection between an offer of $24 off airfare packages and the Weiner scandal, touting a fictitious movie production known as “The Weiner Rises Again.”

Via Spirit Airlines:

Critics are raving about our latest production “The Weiner Rises Again”, but they are also raving about our latest deal to Mexico elster formulare 2018 herunterladen!  Book a vacation package to Los Cabos or Cancun and you’ll get $24 off the flight portion of your trip when you travel from August 19, 2013 through November 21, 2013 aid app bva download.

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An e-mail ad features a hot dog dressed in mask and cape, and holding a smartphone ältere amd treiber downloaden.  The star ‘weiner’ also has a Carlos Danger-worthy mustache.

The sidebar includes two faux quotes from critics:

“Best acting since Ron Mexico.”

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The 3D was crazy, it’s like there was a weiner in your face.”