A recent Siena poll demonstrated that a clear majority of New York residents think their state Assembly leader, Sheldon Silver, should resign. The findings come amidst a recent scandal that saw Silver use over $100,000 in taxpayer funds to silence victims in a sexual harassment case.  It wasn’t the first time taxpayer funds had been used to close a harassment case in the Assembly.

If you happen to fall in that majority of people who think Silver should resign, then you better watch your back.

Via the New York Post:

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A Silver ally warned a GOP critic of the powerful Democratic Assembly speaker that she’d better stop her attacks — or else, The Post has learned.

Assemblywoman Deborah Glick (D-Manhattan) was overheard telling Republican colleague Nicole Malliotakis that there would be consequences if the GOPer kept calling for Silver to step down over the Vito Lopez sexual-harassment scandal.

“You’ve been in the paper a lot talking about the speaker. You should quiet down before someone starts playing games with you,” Glick told Malliotakis on the floor of the Assembly, according to a person who overheard the conversation.

Malliotakis, who walked away without engaging Glick, declined to comment on the incident.

A call to Glick’s office seeking comment wasn’t returned.

Of course, maybe it’s not everybody who should be concerned about having games played with them, maybe it’s just Republicans.

Or maybe it’s simply women that Democrats like to play games with.  After all, Silver saw his Assembly colleague sexually harassing women in the workplace and eventually covered it up to the point of encouraging the serial molester.

And it is the Democrats who have locked arms in support of the Speaker.  The true War on Women is being waged by Democrats in New York State.