White House press secretary Sarah Sanders shared an extraordinary exchange between a U.S herunterladen. soldier in Iraq and President Trump upon his first visit to a war zone as commander in chief.

Defining it as a “powerful moment,” Sanders described a conversation between the Army soldier and Trump, in which the young man said he was motivated to serve again in the military thanks to the President ccleaner gratisen windows 7 nederlands.

“I am here because of you,” the soldier said in the dining hall of the Al Asad Air Base, west of Baghdad.

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The President’s response tomtom?

“And I am here because of you,” Trump said.

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The exchange was reminiscent of a moment just over a year ago when a Vietnam veteran cried on the President’s shoulder and thanked him for his support of the military schriftarten zahlen kostenlos downloaden.

Trump Tips His Cap to the Soldiers

The soldier in question offered Sanders a patch which reads, “Brave Rifles,” a nickname for the 3rd Cavalry Regiment of the U.S ps4 systemsoftware 6.51 herunterladen nicht möglich. Army stationed at Fort Hood, Texas.

Trump’s first visit to a war zone lasted three hours, and the military seemed to be enjoying themselves, taking selfies with the commander in chief pokerstars.eu free.

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The President reciprocated the love herunterladen.

“It’s because of your sacrifice that America’s families can celebrate in safety and in peace,” Trump announced herunterladen. “And we’re doing great back at home.”

“There is nobody that believes more strongly in having a powerful military than I do.”

The Troops Still Support Trump

While a constant barrage of negative reporting has taken a minor bite out of active duty military support for President Trump, the numbers remain in the positive you can nintendo switch games.

Those having a favorable view of the President have slipped from 46 percent to 43 percent in the past two years but remain higher than those who disapprove.

“The latest survey shows that military service members are more supportive of the president than the American public at large,” the Military Times writes.


Their poll also reveals that Trump is seen as handling specific military affairs in a much better manner than his predecessor.

“Troops surveyed continue to give high marks to the president for his handling of military issues specifically,” the Times report states. “More than 60 percent said they believe the military is in better shape now than it was under President Barack Obama, and nearly the same number have a favorable view of his handling of the military.”

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