Soldier Surprises Kids Who Sent Him Cards While Stationed In Afghanistan

An Army Sergeant who received cards and care packages from 5th grade students for months while stationed in Afghanistan, surprised them with an in-class visit.

Sergeant David Mulcahy and his platoon had received cards and care packages from students at William H. Barton School in Queensbury.

One class in particular held a special place in his heart however, communicating to he and his fellow soldiers via FaceTime for months.

So when Mulcahy finally returned stateside, he decided to pay a special visit to the friends he had made during his time serving in the Middle East.


Via Fox News Insider:

A U.S. Army sergeant made a surprise visit to a class of fifth graders he had been talking with over FaceTime while he was stationed in Afghanistan.

In place of what would have been their last FaceTime session, Sergeant David Mulcahy walked into their classroom at William H. Barton School in Queensbury, New York.

The kids, who were making more cards to welcome him home were thrilled to meet him.

The kids “did a lot for me and my guys over there, so it was the least I could do,” Mulcahy said.

“They’ve been gracious enough to send me and my guys candy socks, letters of encouragement,” Mulcahy said. “The looks on their faces was worth the trip home.”

Here’s a report last month about the students special interaction with the soldiers …


One student, Alexander Coombes, told CBS 6 it was good to see the soldier back home and safe.

“It felt good that he was back and nothing had happened to him,” he said.

It certainly does feel good, and Coombes and his classmates should know that they managed to make one soldier and his platoon feel good as they fought for their freedom and way of life.

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