Soccer Star Tried to Protest National Anthem, But Opposing Team Wasn’t About to Let It Happen

American soccer player Megan Rapinoe has been trying to draw attention to herself by following in the footsteps of San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick by protesting the national anthem.

So when Rapinoe and her team, the Seattle Reign, came to town to visit the Washington Spirit, the opposing team was ready.

They squashed any attempt to disrespect America by changing up their pre-game routine at the last minute and then SLAMMING national anthem protesters.

Wow! Kudos to the Washington Spirit organization!

Via Fox News:

U.S. soccer star and Seattle Reign midfielder Megan Rapinoe was prevented by the opposing team, the Washington Spirit, Wednesday night from kneeling during the National Anthem by altering its pregame ceremonies.

The Spirit released a statement prior to the match, saying they would rather move up the anthem while the teams were off the field than “subject our fans and friends to the disrespect we feel such an act would represent.”

“We decided to play the anthem in our stadium ahead of schedule rather than subject our fans and friends to the disrespect we feel such an act would represent,” the National Women’s Soccer League team said in a statement. “We understand this may be seen as an extraordinary step, but believe it was the best option to avoid taking focus away from the game on such an important night for our franchise.

“To willingly allow anyone to hijack this tradition that means so much to millions of Americans and so many of our own fans for any cause would effectively be just as disrespectful as doing it ourselves.”

Rapinoe, who is as white as the driven snow, says her protest is “a little nod” to Kaepernick, who said America oppresses black people, and police officers wantonly kill blacks without being punished.

The soccer star’s protest is allegedly because as “a gay American, I know what it means to look at the flag and not have it protect all of your liberties.”

In other words, another athlete pretending they have any idea what it means to truly be oppressed.

Rapinoe called the Washington Spirit’s actions in moving up the national anthem “unbelievable” and “incredibly distasteful.”

Spirit owner Bill Lynch said “there are better ways to begin a conversation about a cause than tarnishing a tradition that is so important to so many.”

The Washington Spirit are living up to their name, showing a patriotic spirit that should be emulated by other organizations.

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