Since Defeating Hillary, American Public Are Gaining Confidence In Trump

Despite the constant barrage of negative news surrounding President-Elect Donald Trump, a pair of new polls show that Americans are starting to get behind their future commander-in-chief.

First off, Trump’s overall favorability rating climbed a solid 8 percentage points to 42%, his highest level since 2011.

The Conservative Tribune reports:

Following the election victory of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, the billionaire’s approval rating among Americans suddenly skyrocketed.

“Donald Trump’s favorable rating has improved from 34% to 42% after his election as president,” Gallup announced Thursday. “While a majority in the U.S. still have an unfavorable view of him, his image is the best it has been since March 2011 when 43% viewed him positively.”

Trump’s highest level was as a reality TV star in 2005, when 50% of Americans viewed him favorably.

Still, he has some ground to make up, as past presidents-elect have begun their honeymoon periods with a favorable rating upwards of 58%.

That said, despite having to combat an avalanche of negativity, Trump does have some sign of hope that Americans are accepting him as president. Confidence in Trump is on the upswing according to Politico.

Just over half of Americans are more confident in Donald Trump’s ability to serve as president as the reality of his upset win sets in, according to a national poll released on Wednesday.

A national Gallup poll of voting-age adults shows confidence in Trump comes close to matching sentiment for former presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush before they formally took office.

The poll was taken in the time since last week’s election.

Clinton voters seem to be the most interesting demographic in the poll. 75% of those voters say they’re less confident in Trump’s ability to govern now that he’s won the election. One would assume that number would be closer to 90-95%. It’s hard to imagine any Clinton voters suddenly saying they’re more confident in Trump when they just cast their vote for the Democrat.

Yet, 19% of Hillary supporters say they’re more confident in Trump’s ability to serve as president since the election.

That is astounding outreach in just nine days time.

It’ll be interesting to see what he can accomplish in his first 100 days in office, and if the confidence level will continue to climb.

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