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Sidney Powell: Dems Had Voter Fraud Planned, Audit Is Needed Nationwide

By Rusty Weiss

November 9, 2020 at 7:46 am


Maria: Welcome back. I’m back with Sidney Powell whose part of President Trump’s legal team and contesting this election. Sidney, we talked about the dominion software. I know that there were voting irregularities. Tell me about that.

Powell: That’s put it mildly. The computer glitches could not and should not have happened at all. That’s where the fraud took place where they were flipping votes in the computer system or adding votes that did not exist we need an audit of all of the computer systems that played any role in this fraud whatsoever, and Joe Biden had it right. He said that he had the biggest voter fraud organization ever and he didn’t need people’s votes now. He would need people later. They had this all planned, Maria they had the algorithms, they had the paper ballots waiting to be inserted if and when needed and notably President Trump’s vote in the blue states went up enormously. That’s when they had to stop the vote count, and go in and replace votes for Biden and takeaway Trump votes. Maria: I’ve never seen voting machines stop in the middle of an election, stop down and assess the situation. I also see reports that Nancy Pelosi’s long time chief of staff is the key executive at that company, Richard Blum, Senator Feinstein’s husband significant shareholder of the company. What can you tell us about the interest on the other side of this dominion software?

>> Well, obviously, they have invested in it for their own reasons and are using it to commit this fraud to steal votes I think they’ve even stolen them from other Democrats in their own party who should be outraged about this also. Bernie Sanders might very well have been the democratic candidate but they’ve stolen