Shocking Video Shows This Presidential Candidate Predict Turkey Attack

“I would not be surprised over the next few weeks to see major ISIS operations within Turkey, itself.”

Those were the words spoken by former presidential candidate and current Senator of Florida, Marco Rubio, just two days before explosions rocked an airport in Istanbul, killing at least 36 and wounding another 147 people.

Compare and contrast that to President Obama, who declared that ISIS had been “contained” just a day before one of the worst terror attacks in European history.

Yet another sign that Obama and the Democrats have very little grasp of the threats facing our nation and nations around the world due to ISIS, while Rubio and his fellow Republicans understand the reality of the terror situation.

Rubio appeard on Face the Nation on Sunday to discuss the threat of ISIS, specifically noting that Turkey “faces the greatest threat.”

Via RedState:

On Sunday, however, Senator Rubio appeared on CBS’ “Face the Nation” to speak about the implications of Brexit, the importance of NATO, Russia, and the ever-increasing threat of terrorism in the world.

A portion of the interview reads:

Rubio: I think this actually makes NATO more important, apart from the European monetary union and economic union, the issue of NATO needs to be reinvigorated more than ever before.

FTN: Because of the threat from Russia?

Rubio: I think not only because of the threat from Russia, but most certainly because of the threat of radical Islam, now coming across the Mediterranean and into Europe. We’ve seen already the attacks in Belgium. We’ve seen the attacks in France. We’ve seen attempted and thwarted attacks elsewhere, so because of all of that I think NATO takes on a special purpose. One of our NATO allies, right now, that faces the greatest threat of ISIS is Turkey. I would not be surprised over the next few weeks to see major ISIS operations within Turkey, itself.

There’s no way Senator Rubio could have known that only two days later, his words would prove prophetic. As authorities in Turkey begin to piece together exactly what happened and where airport security failed, however, the world will need more sober and informed voices like that of Senator Rubio to help craft solutions to what is a threat no one can afford to ignore.

Listen to Rubio’s chilling prediction below (begins at roughly the 1:30 mark) …


Here’s another thing Obama probably won’t predict despite warnings from Homeland Security – ISIS will infiltrate the Syrian refugee program instituted by this administration.

Why is that relevant to the Turkey attack?

Turkey is home to the world’s largest community of Syrians displaced by the ongoing conflict in their country.

Is it a coincidence that ISIS was able to carry out such a large scale terrorist attack in Istanbul? Will it be a coincidence when ISIS-inspired cases rise in the U.S. as refugees pour into the country?

That’s why now, more than ever, it’s time for Republican adults to start dealing with this threat. Hillary and Obama have already had their chance to placate terrorists. It’s not working.

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