Shocking Poll Shows Democrats Believe Christians Are Just as Violent as Radical Islam

How divorced from reality has the Democrat Party become in their views on terrorism and radical Islam?

A new poll from CBS News shows that nearly 70% of Democrats believe that other religions encourage violence at the same level as Islam – in particular, Christianity.

That is pure insanity. Whether you accept the notion that radical jihadists don’t represent the majority view of Muslims or not, one can’t simply pretend that faction doesn’t exist. And one can’t pretend that there are Christians using women as suicide bombers, or setting off car bombs in crowded markets.

While over six in ten Republicans think Islam is more violent than other religions, most Democrats and independents think Islam is no different than other religions.

Via Townhall:

Only one-in-seven registered Democrats in America believe that Islam is more violent as a whole than Christianity, according to a new CBS poll.

Catastrophes such as September 11th, the War on Terror, and recent attacks throughout the world were not enough to make a difference between Christianity and Islam for some.  ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and the Taliban were also overwritten.

Republicans had a much different perspective on the matter however.  Over six-in-ten believe that Islam is more violent in nature than other religions.

Take just the month of November in 2014. According to an in-depth study by the BBC, over 5,000 people were killed in over 600 attacks. There is simply no comparison.

Gateway Pundit reports that the four deadliest terror attacks in history were carried out by Islamic militants, including of course, 9/11 which killed nearly 3,000 Americans.

It has to be reiterated – anyone who believes that there is any comparison between Christianity and radical Islam needs to turn off CNN and start researching some of the more recent atrocities carried out by the Islamic State. They are simply too grotesque, too insane, and too heartrending to even repeat here.

But this issue presents a huge problem for the right. It is very difficult to deal with – much less work constructively with – individuals who are unwilling or unable to use basic mental faculties. Looking at the evidence for less than a minute reveals that there is simply no comparison whatsoever between Christianity and Islam when it comes to perpetrating terrorist attacks. So how do you debate the irrational? How do you counter that belief that defies logic? We’d better start figuring it out.

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