Shocking: Obama’s Plan to Defeat ISIS Finally Revealed – And It’s Bad

It was in August of 2014 that President Obama first revealed he had no effective plan to defeat or even contain ISIS, the terror organization he had months earlier described as the JV team.

“We don’t have a strategy yet,” Obama admitted.

10 months later, as ISIS was taking over militarily significant portions of Iraq, areas that had been won and stabilized under President Bush, Obama reiterated that line of thought saying, “We don’t yet have a complete strategy.”

What? Nearly a year went by and the President and his top military strategists had yet to develop a plan?

Here we are another year later, and several ISIS-inspired terrorist attacks have taken place since then – including those in Paris, San Bernardino, Brussels, and Orlando.

Now however, President Obama has a strategy to beat ISIS. Essentially, he’s trying to run out the clock until a real President can show up and fix the mess he created.

CNN anchor Jake Tapper revealed that sources close to Obama admitted the plan for ISIS is to buy time until Obama is out of office.

“Several sources told me,” Tapper revealed, “that they think the current plan is essentially, just to buy time, until President Obama leaves office.”



Six Jordanian security guards were killed this morning in a car bomb attack. The first of its kind, not far from a massive refugee camp along Syria’s border with Jordan. The bloodshed, just another indication of the regional instability caused by this five-year-long civil war and the rise of ISIS. And it comes as dozens of diplomats, service members, and various officials in and out of the Obama administration voice concern that there is no actual US strategy in Syria and Iraq despite the rosier picture the president continually paints.

Now, dozens of ISIS leaders have been killed, and Iraqi forces, backed by the US military, have retaken large portions of ISIS territory, but do those successes equal a strategy? Is the United States firing on all cylinders? No, not according to former and current members of the military and the Obama administration who have said to me on background that, years into this effort, the US lacks a coherent plan to accomplish the mission that the president has stated, destroying ISIS.

Several sources told me that they think the current plan is essentially, just to buy time, until President Obama leaves office.

In other words, our nation and it’s citizens are almost literally holding on for dear life until a Republican president can get into office and develop a real strategy to defeat ISIS.

Then again, isn’t that how we’ve all felt these past two terms under President Obama – that the nation is fighting to survive until he leaves and can’t do any more damage?

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