Shock Video: Trump Protester Sets Supporter’s Hair on Fire

Can you imagine a Trump supporter ever setting a Hillary Clinton fan or Bernie Sanders voter’s hair on fire? Can you imagine the media outrage?

It’s difficult to fathom such a thing because conservatives aren’t prone to violence at their rallies. But anti-Trump protesters certainly are. So when do you think the media coverage of the following incident will begin?

In a relatively peaceful atmosphere involving dueling groups – a group of Trump supporters, and a group of Trump haters – members of both sides debated the merits of their views.

Then, an anti-Trump protester who moments earlier had been chanting “love Trumps hate” decided to set a woman’s hair on fire while she was showing off her Trump hat.

No seriously, they literally set her hair on fire.

Via Gateway Pundit:

The video shows two white female and two male Trump supporters engaging in peaceful debate with a group of anti-Trump protesters. The two female Trump supporters, one with her hair in braids, take turns posing for photographs in front of the protesters. The second woman to pose has long hair hanging freely down her back. Someone within the anti-Trump mob reaches out and sets the Trump supporter’s hair on fire. Fortunately one of the male Trump supporters standing with them sees the female’s hair on fire and quickly puts it out with his bare hand. A puff of smoke can be seen rising from the female Trump supporter’s back.

Watch the video below – there is no doubt the act was done intentionally and maliciously …


It’s amazing, the woman with the bullhorn is still shouting “show me what Democracy looks like” after the assault.

Apparently to these people, democracy looks like a pyromaniac trying to set a Trump supporter on fire.

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