Did Hillary’s collapse at the 9/11 ceremony spell the end of her presidential run?

One former anchor for MSNBC seems to think so, posting to social media yesterday that top “Democrat operatives” have told him to “expect emergency DNC meeting to CONSIDER replacement.”

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David Shuster tweeted that message shortly after video of Hillary’s collapse came to light time to say goodbye herunterladen.

He added that the same operatives cited the fainting, Clinton’s comments on ‘baskets of deplorables,’ and her newly alleged pneumonia as being in “unchartered political territory.”


Bolstering the speculation is the fact that Hillary cancelled a campaign trip to California planned for early this week ometv herunterladen.

So who could step in if Hillary has to step down?

Enter good ol’ Uncle Joe.

Via Lifezette:

In the wake of Hillary Clinton’s Sunday collapse at a 9/11 memorial ceremony, Democrat leaders are asking: “What if … ?” “What if she hasn’t been candid and is a lot sicker than they thought?” “What if it becomes apparent that she is too weak to campaign vigorously?”

“What if we have to reconsider her nomination because she chooses to step aside?”

The once unthinkable idea of the scandal-marred 2016 bid of Hillary Clinton being prematurely ended by a medical collapse has suddenly become an actual possibility herunterladen. Democrats would have to be ready to replace her atop their ticket.

The move would be unprecedented on the presidential level in modern history, but despite the fact some states are already voting and most have certified ballots, the precedents that do exist suggest Dems could still pull off a nominee swap from youtube musik. A move like that could clear the way for a Democratic white knight candidate like Vice President Joe Biden.

That would be quite a shocking scenario herunterladen.

But then again, we’ve seen just about everything during the 2016 presidential election as it is. Nothing would surprise anymore.