Sheriff Warns About Phase Two of the SAFE Act

Orange County Sheriff Carl DuBois warned constituents at a recent town hall meeting that there may be a second phase of the SAFE Act gun control legislation heading to New York if Governor Cuomo wins re-election in November.

DuBois said the ‘phase two’ concept is “something that’s been going around the second floor of the Executive Chamber.”  He explained that it would be more restrictive and would “stranglehold the gun owners in New York state.”

While saying he gets a lot of phone calls warning him about the second phase, which he predicts will be implemented in a second Cuomo term, DuBois offered few details about what the legislation might mean to gun owners.

He did indicate that in regards to magazines and assault weapons, restrictions would become even tighter.  DuBois also added that every handgun owner in the state database may have their information cross-referenced with the DMV.

“When they run your plate or you get stopped and they run your name, it’s going to cross-reference coming up saying you own a firearm.  Is that going to give the police officer probable cause to ask you ‘Do you have it on you?’”

A statewide license and record database was already established under the SAFE Act, and is currently maintained by the New York State Police.

DuBois adds, “This is stuff I don’t even want to think about.”

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