Opponents of Governor Cuomo’s anti-gun legislation packed a firehouse in upstate New York last night, demonstrating that they’re still plenty fired up about the unconstitutional SAFE Act.

While the palpable anger towards the governor’s gun grab is still intense almost a year after it was passed without public review, some comments really spell out why the law is so controversial.

“Never in my 38 years of law enforcement, until recently, have we been asked to go after honest, law-abiding, good citizens,” said Rensselaer County Sheriff Jack Mahar.

Added another lawmaker:

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“You’ve made us the most liberal, strictest gun law state in the union,” Asserted Deb Busch, an Albany County legislator, “You’ve decimated anything our forefathers have fought for.

Problem is, New York Democrats hear that statement about strict gun laws immediately followed by decimating what our forefathers fought for, and they are quite pleased with themselves.

Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin wrote the following on his Facebook page:

A packed house last night in Brunswick of over 300 people at an UnSafe Act forum. 9 months later and the people are still outraged by this law that was passed with no public hearings, no debate in the Senate and without even the constitutionally required 3 day waiting period.

It was, as I said last night, the biggest act of political cowardice I’ve ever seen. Cuomo says about the unSafe Act “it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.” He also said “confiscation is an option.”

As we discussed earlier, the wording of the law leaves too much open to interpretation, such as gun owners possibly being arrested if they’ve ever been convicted of disorderly conduct.

Think that’s far-fetched?  Remember, since the law has passed, officials have had to make exemptions just to allow police officers to use certain weapons.  They even had to address the fact that the law made it impossible for Hollywood to film movies in New York using fake assault weapons.

It is a poorly-worded law, passed in the dead of night as an overreaction to an emotional tragedy.