Senator Susan Collins told CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday that a compromise could be reached on border security, but that it would not be “to the degree” President Trump is requesting excel 2017 for free german.

Collins was one of six Republicans to cross the aisle and vote for a Democrat plan to end the shutdown without a penny of funding for a wall at the southern border 187 herunterladen.

Now she’s hinting at further GOP capitulation to the left.

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“I think what will happen is that the efforts to continue to build physical barriers, which have gone on in the last two administrations, will continue, but not to the degree the president has requested,” Collins claimed wii games illegally.


A Different Approach

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Collins did note that a border security agreement would need an all-of-the-above approach staroffice kostenlos download vollversion.

“It’s going to be a combination of physical barriers, technology, more border patrol agents, more immigration judges, more sensors,” she predicted audio files.

Furthermore, she suggests that the best agreement lawmakers can come to is one that focuses more on funding the government for another year without threat of another shutdown herunterladen.

“The best agreement that we can get is an agreement on border security,” she said, “but an agreement to fund the federal government through the end of the fiscal year.”

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Seems like protecting the American people should be above that, or at the very least on the same plane nintendo ds games illegally.

Trump Not Optimistic Either

Asked his predictions for getting a border wall compromise wrapped up when the current three week CR runs out on the 15th, President Trump remained skeptical wie kann man bei sims 4 frisuren downloaden.

The President recently told the Wall Street Journal that the chances of coming to an agreement by then were “less than 50-50.”


“The plan put forth by President Trump is by no means ideal,” Collins said in a statement when a Republican plan to open the government including funding for the wall was being considered, “but it would result in the reopening of the government, my priority, and the outlines of a compromise are before us.”

“Compromise is not a sign of weakness,” she added osm karten garmin kostenlos download.

The only adult in the room actually willing to compromise though has been President Trump. He should abandon that path, circumvent Congress, avoid both Democrat and Republican obstructionism, and declare a national emergency download old netflix app.

Then he’ll get the exact wall that he wants.

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