A Missouri state senator sat during the Pledge of Allegiance in a show of solidarity with anti-American NFL star, Colin Kaepernick.

One of the reasons for her protest, much like Kaepernick, is the alleged scourge of police brutality effecting the black community amazon buchvorschau herunterladen.

Via the Blaze:

As the Missouri state Senate convened Wednesday, state senators stood to their feet to recite the Pledge of Allegiance — at least most did herunterladen.

State Sen. Jamilah Nasheed, a St. Louis Democrat, did not stand, however. Cameras inside the chamber showed her sitting in what she called a show of solidarity with San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who has repeatedly refused to stand during the national anthem prior to NFL football games herunterladen.

“I decided to not stand for the Pledge of Allegiance today to stand in solidarity with the cause of injustice that Colin Kaepernick has shined a bright light upon download the picture book. I am not anti-America, and in fact, it is because I love this country that I take this stand,” Nasheed said.

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Nasheed’s top listed injustice is “the injustice of police brutality.”

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In November of 2014 however, Nasheed was the victim of an attempted carjacking in which a black suspect pointed a gun at her head need for speed underground vollversion kostenlosen.

Fox reported in 2014:

Missouri State Senator Jamilah Nasheed became a victim of violence in the city of St how can I download music from youtube. Louis. Just after midnight Saturday, Nasheed tweeted that she had just had a gun pointed at her while getting out of her car.

St. Louis police released a report on the incident which occurred around 10:30pm sky go app for pc. After the 41-year old had parked her car outside her home in the 4000 block of Olive, another car drove up and a man got out. The suspect pointed a gun at Nasheed, demanding her keys vw senderlogos herunterladen. When she refused, he threatened to kill her.  She still refused and told the man “to do what he was going to do.” The suspect got back in the car, which drove away kostenlos pc spiele downloaden vollversion ohne anmeldung.

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That’s right, she sits during the Pledge of Allegiance and supports a man who disparages America through a protest of the national anthem, all under the guise of being against police brutality, but when the s*** hits the fan, she calls the police to come save her tubemate herunterladen.

But hey, that’s not the only hypocrisy Nasheed is known for. After having sponsored anti-gun legislation, the senator was arrested at a Ferguson protest while armed.

Jamilah Nasheed – yet another liberal with no morals, no patriotism, and no self-awareness.