Senator Josh Hawley wants to know why Democrats aren’t outraged that the DNC and FBI “effectively meddled” in an American election capture one express sony download kostenlos.

And he’d like to know what’s worse – a foreign country doing so, as most are prone to do, or our own government?

“Which is worse?” Hawley asked Inspector General Michael Horowitz video on iphone. “Is it worse to have a foreign government trying to meddle in our elections, or is it worse to have our own government meddling in the election?”

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The question came during Wednesday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on FISA abuse, a hearing prompted by Horowitz’s report showing the FBI effectively acted as a criminal enterprise in their efforts to investigate collusion between President Trump and Russia videodatei herunterladen.

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Which Is It von der dropbox herunterladen?

Hawley’s phrasing was brilliant. Democrats are so concerned about election meddling that they’ve seemingly turned a blind eye to one of the biggest players – the FBI icons herunterladen free.

“I think that is exactly what this report shows,” the Missouri congressman continued. “It shows that our government, the most powerful law enforcement agency in the nation, the FBI effectively meddled in an ongoing presidential campaign.”

They did so at the behest of dirty cop James Comey, the former Director of the FBI word für mac download kostenlos deutsch.

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Horowitz responded by admitting to Senator Hawley that, to his knowledge, this was the first time a presidential campaign had been targeted in this manner wo kann man musik illegalen.


DNC and FBI Collusion

Hawley explained to Horowitz that not only had the FBI committed an unforgivable sin by meddling in the election but that the DNC had colluded with them to do so gratis ram downloaden.

Turning their own buzzwords against them.

“To me, this is the untold story of the 2016 campaign,” the Republican Lawmaker explained photos met itunes.

“I don’t know who at the DNC hatched this, but I suppose they ought to take a victory lap, but certainly they should be remembered for it; to get the FBI to pursue surveillance of a rival presidential campaign and then into the newly elected president’s term I think is just extraordinary.”

He concluded, “I think the collusion here was between the DNC and the FBI.”

Horowitz noted that some of the players involved in the election meddling are still employed by the FBI.

And to think, alumni from the previous administration have been telling the American people that Obama and his White House were scandal-free.

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