Senator Cassidy Savagely Responds To Kavanaugh Protester Demanding He Apologize to Her Children

Republican Senator Bill Cassidy of Louisiana responded to an anti-Kavanaugh protester demanding he apologize to her children by turning to the kids and telling them “your parents are using you as tools.”

Alethea Torrellas Shapiro has been stalking the halls of Congress for days, taking any opportunity she can to harass GOP lawmakers for their support of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

One video on social media shows her listening to statements made by Kamala Harris and videotaping herself with a ‘Believe Women’ bumper sticker on her forehead. Which speaks volumes about her state of mind.

This one, however, shows her trying to catch Cassidy off guard with a statement involving her children.

“Senator Cassidy, can you please apologize to my children for ruining their futures?” she asked unreasonably.

He doesn’t miss a beat, removing his earbuds and turning to address the kids.

Protester demands that GOP Senator @BillCassidy “apologize to my children for ruining their futures.”

Cassidy looks at the kids: “Guess what? Your parents are using you as tools. In the future if somebody makes an allegation against you & there’s no proof for it, you’ll be OK.”

— Benny (@bennyjohnson) October 12, 2018


As Cassidy walked away following the verbal pummeling, Shapiro and another protester randomly stammer out responses – “What about white men?” and, “Shame on you for not believing women.”

She was clearly knocked off her feet at the notion that someone would dare address her for using children as tools.

The brutal response has almost instantly set the gold standard for how to deal with unreasonable people who use their children as political pawns – in other words, Democrats.

Shapiro called Cassidy’s response “disgraceful and appalling” and admitted she “was momentarily stunned by his attack.”

The rest of us, meanwhile, are stunned that you think a Senator voting for an honorable man in Kavanaugh has ruined your children’s lives.

Followers of Shapiro on Twitter have almost universally praised … Cassidy.

We need more senators liked this
I could watch this shakedown all day

— P. L. (@palb1234) October 12, 2018

You were owned and you don’t even know it

— Mike J (@MikeJ20325828) October 12, 2018

Cassidy has previously engaged with Kavanaugh protesters with success.

“Are you OK as a person to go ahead and to accept a non-corroborated charge to destroy someone’s life?” he said to one woman who asked if he supported a ‘rapist’ on the Supreme Court. “If it destroyed your life, your son’s life, or your husband’s?”

Cassidy is one of a number of GOP lawmakers who seem to have found their spine in the midst of the Democrat hit job on Kavanaugh.

Orrin Hatch told protesters they need to “grow up.”

Georgia Senator David Perdue made a call to arms, urging his colleagues to “stop playing defense” and actually confront these liberal activists.

And of course, there is Lindsey Graham who, aside from snapping at a woman demanding Kavanaugh take a polygraph by asking, “Why don’t we dunk him in water and see if he floats,” has also proven to be the true Spartacus on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Cassidy, though, gave them all a run for their money with that takedown. Absolutely brutal.

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