Senate Republican Tom Libous Convicted of Lying to the FBI

Tom Libous, New York state Senate’s number 2 Republican, has been convicted of lying to the FBI about getting a high-paying job for his son.

Libous lied about securing a $150,000/year job for his son Matthew with a law firm in White Plains.  The prosecution’s main witness stated that the lawmaker promised to steer business to the law firm in exchange for the position.

Libous’ felony conviction automatically removes him from his Senate seat.

Via NY State of Politics:

Tom Libous, one of the state’s most prominent and powerful Republican lawmakers in the Senate, has been found guilty by jury of lying to federal agents in a case stemming from his son receiving a job at a politically connected law firm in Westchester County.

The verdict on the felony conviction means the longtime Binghamton lawmaker, first elected in 1988, is automatically removed from the state Senate.

The removal of Libous gives Senate Republicans a bare minimum 32-seat majority in the chamber (Republicans have 31 members, Democrat Simcha Felder conferences with the GOP conference in the chamber).

Aside from the predicament Libous’ removal will play on the Republican majority, his removal is expected to have a troublesome impact in the Southern Tier region, an economically depressed area where he remained a key political figure.

The Republican will face sentencing on October 30th, and could see up to 5 years in prison.


New York

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