Sen. Sanders and Warren Call Republicans Cowards & Cynical



SANDERS: “So what we’re looking at is an effort to move in exactly the wrong direction. And let us be clear — let me reiterate this. Republicans are uncomfortable with this. Thousands of people will die. There’s no question in my mind when you throw 23 million people —“

WARREN: “Actually it’s not even — it’s not just you on this one, Bernie. There have actually been studies about the impact of not having health care coverage. What happens is that people don’t get the preventive care they need, they don’t get the checkups, they don’t get the diagnosis, they don’t go to the doctor…”

SANDERS: “You’ve talked to and I’ve talked to the doctors who have said, ‘I’ve lost patients because by the time they walk into the office they’re much sicker than they should have been.’ So what kind of crazy world is this? I wanted to get back to the point Elizabeth just made. We are not a poor country. We should not be talking about severe austerity efforts. We are the richest country in the history of the world. Most people don’t know that because almost all the incoming wealth is going to the people on top. But you do know that. Elizabeth knows that and I know that. And our job is to ask the simple question: Okay, does ObamaCare have problems? Absolutely. The deductibles are too high, too many people remain uninsured, prescription drug costs are too high, etc. How do we deal with that? That’s the rational discussion.”

WARREN: “That’s right.”

SANDERS: “The answer is not to make a difficult situation much, much worse. And again, getting back to the initial point, our Republican colleagues are so cowardly, are so frightful that the American people will learn what’s in their legislation. They refuse to have one hearing, one open discussion about it.”

WARREN: “I think it’s beyond cowardly. I think it’s actually very strategic on their part. I think they’ve decided that — look, they know which side their bread is buttered on. They know what the Koch brothers want them to do, and a handful of other giant corporations and billionaires. I think what they really want out of this is to say, ‘We will keep this as quiet as we can so nobody is examining it. We are going to suddenly expose the bill and we will get a vote on it right away, we’ll get Donald Trump to go ahead and sign it into law. And then what we’re hoping is that everyone will be so demoralized that they just won’t talk about it. That it’ll just go away.’”

SANDERS: “And on top of it, the moralization, when the election comes, you’ll have the Koch brothers and other billionaires spending hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars demonizing people who stood in opposition to this legislation.”

WARREN: “That’s exactly right.”

SANDERS: “That’s where we are as a nation right now, where you can do anything you want, no matter how horrible it is, and you will know that behind you is unlimited amounts of money to make candidates who believe in a nation of justice, you can attack them in the worst possible ways. It’s a chance you can win those elections.”

WARREN: “To turn our political system into something where they can say up is down, in is out, over is under, and be able to sell it and not have to pay any price at all for the harm that they have inflicted on millions of people across this country. It’s cynical!”

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