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BARTIROMO: “Thank you so much for being here. Is it still dead on arrival unless you hear from the whistleblower?”

GRAHAM: “Well, the whole process is illegitimate in the House. It’s not just the whistleblower. You don’t want to create a situation where an anonymous person can start impeachment proceedings against the President of the United States. You can’t get a parking ticket based on that anonymous allegation. The hearings were held behind closed doors, the Intel committee gathered all the facts, the president’s lawyer was never allowed to participate. They have to call witnesses in the Judiciary Committee, they had one hearing with four law professors and Nancy Pelosi said we’re going to move forward with the articles of impeachment. This is a joke of a process, it’s dangerous to the country. It’s the first impeachment scenario in the country started in-house, not with outside counsel. Whitewater prosecutor Ken Starr, you had Mueller looking at all things Russia and Trump, you had prosecutors in the Nixon case outside the system. This is being driven by Schiff and Nadler, Pelosi, partisan people. I think it’s going to meet a quick end in the Senate.”