See? Hillary Really CAN Bring Democrats and Republicans Together

If there’s any positive to be found in a Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, it’s the fact that Republicans and Democrats are uniting for a common cause … to see her go to jail.

Last week, Democrats and the liberal media were blasting Republican National Convention-goers for chanting the phrase “lock her up” in regards to Crooked Hillary.

Clinton herself said the chants made her “feel sad.”

But lo and behold, it turns out Hillary the Uniter is bringing Democrats and Republicans together, agreeing on the core notion that she should, in fact, be in jail!

Via the Wall Street Journal:

It’s not just Republicans that want presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in prison.

At a lively Sunday march in support of former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, chants of “lock her up,” “Hillary for Prison” signs and t-shirts and calls for indictment were common among the most ardent supporters of Mr. Sanders, who arrived in Philadelphia to make their voices heard to the delegates attending the Democratic National Convention.

Republicans used last week’s Republican National Convention to make the case that Mrs. Clinton’s perceived ethical lapses made her unfit for office. Delegates to the Republican convention could be heard chanting “Lock her up!” while “Hillary for Prison” shirts and bumper stickers have proliferated across the country.

Check it out in dueling headline form …


Here is video of Sanders supporters chanting “lock her up” in the background while MSNBC conducts an interview:


Who knew, Hillary Rotten Clinton, as Trump calls her, could be such a unifying force?

The liberal media of course, didn’t like it when Republicans chanted “lock her up.” The Washington Post responded by calling it “disturbing” and railing against those who oppose Hillary as ‘conspiracy theorists.’ PBS repeatedly pressed the issue, calling the chants “over the top.”

Will they be equally outraged at Bernie Sanders supporters for saying the same thing? We won’t hold our breath. It will be a cold day in hell before the media ever criticizes Democrats.

Comment: Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump supporters seem to agree – Hillary belongs in jail. Do you agree with that statement? Share your thoughts below.

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