James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis was asked by a reporter about Michael Wolff’s new trashy gossip novel, ‘Fire and Fury,’ and the Defense Secretary’s response was straight fire.

In fact, it took all of 10 words to put the reporter to shame for asking him if he had any intention of reading the book.

“No, I’m a little busy, these days, actually doing my job, you know?” Mattis quipped.

Boom! A MOAB was just dropped on that conversation.

Remarkably, the reporter pressed on, undeterred.

“It’s a quick read,” they responded. “I’m already halfway through it.”

Mattis didn’t miss a beat, responding “Yes, but you’re one of those literate intellectuals.”

The Defense Secretary went on to explain that he doesn’t read books that mention him within their pages.

“No, I don’t – I don’t – I purposely don’t read that,” he explained. “And, if it’s a book with my name in it, the aide puts sticky – double stickies over it, so I don’t read about myself.”

“And that’s done with malice and forethought by my aide, okay?” Mattis added to laughter.

Reporters have a history of being shut down with cold humor when they ask Mattis lame questions on mundane topics.

He recently shut down a stupid question regarding the National Anthem protests by NFL players.

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Mattis has been on fire as of late.

When asked what his greatest military concerns heading into the new year might be, he responded, “I don’t have concerns. I create them.”

Is ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis’s response to regarding the anti-Trump book perfect? Share your thoughts below!

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