Sean Eldridge, Married to Media Guru, Can’t Find Time to Talk to Media

Another media outlet is claiming that congressional candidate Sean Eldridge (D) has refused to speak with them about his campaign.  Eldridge is married to Chris Hughes, co-founder of Facebook and publisher of the New Republic, and is considered to be a new-media guru, having run the social networking site for Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign.

Yet with all of that media experience in his corner, Eldridge is proving exceptionally elusive for reporters seeking to discuss his campaign.

The Washington Blade just completed an in-depth look at the Eldridge campaign, a predominantly self-funded effort to purchase a seat in Congress.  Despite the detailed profile, the Blade was unable to speak with the Democrat himself.

Eldridge has refused the Washington Blade’s repeated requests for an interview about his congressional bid.

This certainly isn’t the first time Eldridge has ignored the media.  Politico reporter Alex Isenstadt provided a fascinating look into the difficulty in hunting down Eldridge for an interview.  

NY-19… Democrat Sean Eldridge is in trouble today after Politico released a scathing video in which reporter Alex Isenstadt details his experience trying to get Sean Eldridge to come out of hiding and talk to the media.

Isenstadt details how “high priced campaign professionals” are “very protective” over Eldridge and “keep him very insulated.”

According to Isenstadt, one reporter who did interview Eldridge said that the 27-year-old “comes off as a little immature, as someone who may not be ready to run for office.”

As Isenstadt explained, “you talk to a local Mayor, you talk to some of the voters in the district and they’re saying, ‘look, we haven’t seen Eldridge, and he’s kind of a stranger to us.’”

The Politico reporter even explained that when he tried to speak with Eldridge at his business office and campaign headquarters, he “was literally locked out.”

Jimmy Vielkind of the Times Union also had trouble getting an interview with Eldridge. Dylan Byers, another reporter for Politico, struck out several times.  Once trying to get a comment on a penthouse fundraiser, and multiple times trying to get a comment on his stance on the Syria conflict.

How can a man who married not only into wealth, but media experience, struggle so mightily when it comes to speaking with the media?

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