School Refused to Let Student Wear Army Uniform to Graduation

A school located in the heart of the liberal cesspool known as San Francisco refused to allow a student to wear his army uniform to graduation, until patriots fought back and sent the school reeling with an apology.

PFC Harland J Fletcher was told he’d have to cover up in order to participate in the graduation ceremony with his classmates at Liberty High School in Brentwood.

After initially being told the uniform would be fine, Fletcher’s father said his son “was advised by several vice principals and the principal, that he could not participate unless he put a robe over the uniform.”

Vice Principal Sandra Guardado was particularly obnoxious with her vitriol towards the Army medic.

Guardado had been guarding the door at the school when she was told that Fletcher had been given prior permission to wear his blues.

“I don’t care,” she reportedly lashed back. “He wears a cap and gown like everyone else.”

He was told to pick up his uniform in the office the following Monday and he left the ceremony.

Unbeknownst to school officials, California law gives Fletcher the right to wear his uniform during graduation.

Outraged parents at the graduation and a groundswell of support from the story spreading over social media made the principal of Liberty, Patrick Walsh, change his tune in a hurry.

The school apologized, and held a private graduation ceremony for Fletcher, which was attended by over 100 people. Principal Walsh personally handed him his well-earned diploma.

Via the Washington Times:

Northern California high school principal on Monday issued a public apology and handed a diploma to an Army reservist who was not allowed to wear his military uniform at his graduation ceremony last week.

Liberty High School Principal Patrick Walsh apologized to a Harland Fletcher, a private first class reservist in the U.S. Army, and took full responsibility for the mishap at a ceremony where many waved American flags.

Fletcher sat out the Friday ceremony at Liberty High School after the principal told him he would have to wear a cap and gown over his uniform if he wanted to participate.

“I made a mistake last Friday night, and I don’t mince words. I deeply regret what occurred,” Walsh said.

Walsh held a private ceremony at the high school in Brentwood, California that was attended by Fletcher’s family and about 100 people, many of them military veterans in uniform who came out to support their fellow serviceman.

Fletcher explained what the uniform means to him and why it was so important to represent the Army at his graduation.

“The uniform for me means honor, respect, integrity, and it stands for America’s freedom,” he said.

Seems like there should be no controversy surrounding that concept.

Pfc. Harland Fletcher gets his diploma in a private ceremony at Liberty Union H.S. after being told he couldn’t wear his military uniform.

— Ann Rubin (@AnnRubinKTVU) June 12, 2017


Fletcher’s father thanked everyone for supporting his son, as well as the school for eventually making things right.

“I would like to extend My Family’s deepest and most sincere thanks to all the fellow Veteran Groups that came out in force, our neighbors here in the East Bay, the Press and Mr. Walsh for making this happen,” he wrote.

Harland should be proud of his academic achievements, his active service, and for sticking to his guns on this issue.

What do you think of the school’s initial response to the Army uniform, as well as their apology? Share your thoughts below!

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