Save On Your Energy Bill and Make a Separate Donation to the Republican Party

We thought this was the perfect business opportunity for our readers, a majority of whom are clearly Republicans or conservatives.

I’m not very good at sales pitches, but I did want to alert my friends to a company that is willing cut commercial energy bills, by offering a free, no-hassle energy audit.  And if the business owner switches energy suppliers, they will not only see substantial savings in their energy costs, but the company will also make a sizable donation to the Republican party in that person’s name for doing so.
Below is further information on the company.  If you own a business, or if you know anybody who does and could use some cost-cutting on their energy bills, then please contact Trel at [email protected] and tell him you heard about the company from the Mental Recession.
If you know of anyone else who would benefit from such a program, please pass this along to them as well.
Here is the information…
Just Energy is a multi-billion dollar, multi-national company, which is listed on the NY Stock Exchange under JE.  They’ve been around since 1997.
The states are as follows : CA – FL – GA – IL – IN – MD – MA – MI – OH – PA – NJ – NY – TX (You may know a client, or two in Canada – we do the whole country)
A link to the company website –
To recap – – Just Energy separates themselves from a Broker, in that they own the majority of the energy they sell and even fund some of the projects that actually create the energy.  Furthermore, if they do in fact buy the energy versus creating it, their buying power allows them to purchase the energy years in advance, which allows them to treat it as a commodity.  Therefore, their pricing is significantly cheaper than a broker over the long run, since they can lock a price in for up to 5 years, whereas a broker makes a “vig” (up charge) over what an energy supplier, such as Just Energy, charges.  Basically, via Just Energy, the client buys it direct from the source. 
Important factoid – If the business/property owner states they are already in a contract – fine – we can sign them up on the spot and it goes active the day their existing contract ends.  We can sign someone up to one year prior to their contract expiration date.  Why would they want to do that?  Lock in a low rate now – power is only going up in price.
Important factoid – The client’s utility company never changes – the guys who own/run the infrastructure still supply the energy – Con Edison is Con Edison – National Grid is National Grid, regardless of who supplies the energy – Companies such as Con Edison and National Grid delivers the energy, regardless of who supplies it.
The business doesn’t have to change a thing.  Many businesses have been “Flipped” and don’t even know it… Your bill doesn’t even look different in most cases, just the supplier name changes and obviously, hopefully the rate.  No equipment/hardware changes are needed.  No hoops to jump through.
In order to price a contract, I need a current bill.  I do electric and gas in most areas.  If the owner has two separate bills, I’ll need both.  They can lock in for as little as a year, but energy prices are only going up, so most business choose to lock in for as long as possible.  Our prices are great – where we shine?  Locking your price in – flat rate for an extended period of time.  Locking down a flat rate could save a large company well in to the 6 figures over 5 years, depending on where they’re currently getting the energy from.  Lastly – They have a green energy service, which allows companies/organizations to purchase only green energy and offset environmental obligations.  This last service can be huge for public organizations and municipalities, or some larger corporations looking for positive PR.  Offsetting carbon credits and/or buying green energy is a big thing now, as I’m sure you’re aware of.
Companies and organizations that can use us – Basically any company that uses Natural Gas and/or Electric is a client : Landlords, apartment buildings, co-ops, warehouses, office buildings, malls, churches, schools, libraries, hotels, municipalities, banks, hospitals, gyms (The larger the better), to a lesser extent, but still much desired – restaurants, bars, laundry mats, dry cleaners, store fronts, etc…  In addition – Fast Food Chains… You’d be surprised how much energy a Burger King expends – furthermore, there’s a good chance that a person who owns one Burger King, may own 10. 
If the client supplies me with a bill, I’ll supply them with a rate – quote.  If it works for a client, great.  If not, I won’t high pressure anyone.  It either works, or it doesn’t… kind of thing.
Please contact Trel at [email protected] for further details, and start saving money today.

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