Savage: Any Other Nation Would Have Impeached This President a Long Time Ago

Political commentator Michael Savage went above and beyond other media members in simply calling out President Obama for his no-show at the Paris march against terrorism, telling his listeners that “any other nation would have impeached this President a long time ago.”

Savage explained:

“Any other nation would have impeached this President a long time ago.  Any other nation, after the embarrassment of letting the entire world down, would have finally understood who this phony is.  He did not attend the Paris rally for no reason other than to watch the football game?”

Savage also pointed out that the top Republican, Speaker of the House John Boehner did not attend the rally either. “Why didn’t Boehner attend the rally in Paris?” he asked.

He went on to explain that both sides of the aisle in American government right now are weak, and that Obama was revealing that fact.

“There’s a message that was sent here by this administration to the Islamists, to the Muslim Brotherhood saying something … We have a crippled, passive, cowardly government.  Crippled, passive, cowardly government at every level.”

Of course, Trey Gowdy once famously argued the best case against impeaching Obama.

“Have you met Joe Biden?”

What do you think of Savage’s comments? Should America have impeached Obama long ago?

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